One By One

Fresh off their frontman's legal travails, one of the most popular rock acts in the world return with their highly-anticipated fourth album. The Foo Fighters definitely do not disappoint with One By One, their first work since 1999's There Is Nothing Left To Lose. As you can probably tell just by hearing the first single, "All My Life," this album blows the prior one out of the water. Dave Grohl and company have come up with a number of great songs on the album, from "Lonely As You," which borrows from the cupboard of "Everlong" to the severe guitar crunch and manic drums of "Low" to the angular, somewhat difficult-yet-highly-catchy "Have It All." One By One is a highly varied album, tracks ranging from driving guitar thrashers to moody, more heartfelt numbers. The bottom line is this: the album engaging and hooky and far superior to their last. Take that to the bank.

Foo Fighters

One By One