Ipecac Recordings' CMJ Night Canceled

A spokesperson for Ipecac Recordings was very disheartened to announce that the label's Halloween showcase party, which was to be part of this year's CMJ festivities, has been cancelled by the Roxy. Apparently two different booking agents at the venue booked two different shows for the same night and, although Ipecac's show was sold out months ago, the venue has decided to honor the contract for the other show, DJ Carl Cox. Ipecac was forced to scramble for a suitable venue to relocate the show, but were unable to find one.

Label co-owner Mike Patton, who was scheduled to perform with two different bands, vents, "We started this label three and a half years ago as a way to operate differently than what is the norm in the music industry, to be artist friendly and fan friendly. This show was a celebration of what we have built in such a short period of time, a vindication of our goals. Now we stand here apologizing, looking like fools, yet we did nothing wrong and our fans certainly did nothing wrong."

Ipecac co-owner Greg Werckman added, "Yes, we stand to lose thousands of dollars because of someone else's ineptness, but the thing that really stings is the fact that over 2000 of our diehard supporters bought tickets, booked flights and hotel rooms months ago. What happens to these people?"

The label is currently getting legal advice to determine their next step.

Ipecac Recordings' CMJ Night Canceled