Who Stole The Weekend?

One of my favorite discoveries of 2001, Devonshire quartet Buffseeds make another appearance with their new single, "Who Stole The Weekend?" While I'm sure a number of us can relate to that concept, I doubt the Buffseeds' reason for singing that phrase is due to drinking Saturday and Sunday away and waking up Monday morning wondering what happened, as happens to you people all the time. Buffseeds may sound a bit precious, but they have a lot to be precious about, as frontman Kieran Scragg has a beautifully androgynous voice, sounding like a mix between Mark Morriss of Stone Roses-wannabes The Bluetones and Aimee Mann, and his mates have a way with a guitar line. The song is quintessentially intelligent English guitar pop, fusing jangly Smiths-like guitar bits with Scragg's emotionally pleading vocal delivery. If their debut album, The Picture Show, due out in February 2003 on Fantastic Plastic is made up of songs like this and first offering "Casino," they'll be doing more than just stealing weekends: they'll be stealing your allegiance.

Fantastic Plastic

Who Stole The Weekend?