Charlatans' Tim Burgess Dons Cowboy Hat In Going Solo

After a few albums that didn’t quite reach as wide an audience as was hoped, it was rumored that Madchester stalwarts The Charlatans UK might cease to exist. While that rumor cannot be confirmed nor denied, is reporting that band frontman Tim Burgess is set to take some time off from the band to record a solo album. The album, however, has little to do with anything his band has ever done, as it seems Mr. Burgess is going to lean on his childhood loves and influences of Gram Parsons and Bob Dylan and record an alt-country record. For the album, Tim has collaborated with Sub Pop’s psychedelic West Coast rock kids Beechwood Sparks. No release date or label is set yet, but more information to follow as time progresses.

POSTED October 22, 2002 12:00AM IN THE TRIPWIRE




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