Live - Pedro The Lion Roar Cowardly Through Chicago

"I find it easier to write songs about death and heartache...I'm not sure, I don't really care that much for happy songs," revealed singer David Bazan at the Pedro The Lion show Saturday, October 26, at the Metro in Chicago. Bazan seems to live a very comfortable life, but you wouldn't guess that listening to the tone of the songs he writes. Still, no matter how maudlin the words and music are, the band still looks like they really enjoy what they're doing.

Bazan stood behind the bass and his most recent touring band mates played songs from the last three albums, did a few new songs and smiled a lot. Once again, between songs, while tuning - David opened the floor up to questions from the audience. My favorite answer to the question "Why do you put out E.P.s and not 7"s?" David's reply, "I put out a 7-inch about 20 minutes ago," and went right in to "Penetration," the first single off the latest album Control.

The three new songs sounded great although they were a bit more up tempo...just how I like my Pedro.



"Never Leave A Job Half Done"

"Indian Summer"

"Shut Up (Song A)"


"Of Minor Prophets And Their Prostitute Wives"


"Bands With Managers Are Going Places" (New Song)


"A Mind Of Her Own"

"Second Best"

"Poison Makes" (New Song)

"The Longer I Lay Here"

Source: Bob Ladewig

Live - Pedro The Lion Roar Cowardly Through Chicago