Paul Van Dyk Mini-Tour, DVD Craziness In Works

German DJ extraordinaire Paul Van Dyk has announced a selection of exclusive dates where he will be rocking his turntable magic for thousands of wide-eyed clubbers. The man who was just named "Hot DJ" in Rolling Stone's "Hot Issue" will spin on two mini-tours, the first kicking off on Halloween in Boston and wrapping up in Dallas two days later. A second tour will occur between Christmas and New Year, hitting events in Miami and Washington, D.C., with the man behind the wheels-of-steel spinning twice on New Year's Eve, once in SF and once in LA. That's sneaky! Also in the works from the man known by the PvD acronym is a DVD release, footage from which was recorded on his last world tour. The DVD will come with a bonus live-mix CD recorded in Berlin, as well as new remixes (recorded in Dolby 5.1 surround) from PvD's three studio albums.

Paul Van Dyk tour dates:

10.31.02 - Boston (Avalon)

11.01.02 - NYC (The Roxy)

11.02.02 - Dallas (Fair Park)

12.27.02 - Miami (Space)

12.28.02 - Washington DC (Glow)

12.31.02 - San Francisco (TBA)

12.31.02 - LA (Giant)

Paul Van Dyk Mini-Tour, DVD Craziness In Works