Now You Know

If you are a fan of Boise, Idaho's Built to Spill, then you probably already own Now You Know, the first solo effort from Doug Martsch. 11 genuine heartfelt tracks, each overflowing with their own simple yet surreal identity. Martsch's gentle, high pitched lyrics remind me of the second coming of Neil Young (especially after being enthralled with the "Cortez The Killer" cover on the BTS live disc). The gentle plucking of the guitar serves as the backbone to this odyssey of Great America. Images of the Old West with miners panning for gold and cowboys riding wild horses weave in and out of my consciousness, just as quickly as a porch front first kiss from a pair of young lovers. My personal favorites include the opener "Offer," and "Heart" (the two that remind me most of BTS). Martsch's sweet serenades are extremely unabashed and genuine, a necessary trait for any successful songwriter or poet.

Doug Martsch
Warner Bros.

Now You Know