A Sad Day For Music, Hip-Hop And Queens.

In 1990, when I was a junior in college studying abroad, Jay was a
guest on a London radio show and I had the opportunity to speak with him
about growing up in Queens (okay, I lived right on the border in Nassau, but
still...) and listening to Run DMC. I recalled to him how Run
played ball in the public park a mile or so from my house and that one day,
my friend (Rob Stone) played ball with Run and ran over to my
house to get me and introduce me to Run. To this day Rob
still greets me the way Run did that summer afternoon -- "How you
doin', Ev?" It may not have been a fascinating story, but I felt special to
be speaking to Jay on the phone that night -- being an ocean away
from New York, he made me feel right at home.

We all grew up with Run DMC on our turntables and in our tape decks
and will never forget this special man's contribution to the music we love
and listen to today.

A Sad Day For Music, Hip-Hop And Queens.