Live - Alkaline Trio Shout At The Devil On Halloween

Dressed in catholic priest costumes, with fake blood dripping from their lips and black paint encompassing their eye sockets, Chicago's Alkaline Trio tricked the sold out crowd at the Metro with a screeching hour's worth of haunting punk rock treats. An illuminated cross hung upside down behind Derek Grant's new drum kit, now colored in trademark red and black ink, with the band's signature heart with tiny skull emblem tattooed on the face of the kick drum. The band spent the summer sweating and screaming their way through their flavorful brand of devilish punk rock on the 2002 Vans Warped Tour, so questioning their tightness would be foolish. More foolish was my attempt at a Halloween costume which consisted of a fake blond big, store bought brown mustache, smeared lipstick everywhere on my face but my lips (eat your heart out Tammy Faye) and a giant red #1 finger that was raised high above the crowd after every song, proclaiming to everyone "that song was #1!"

Punk's newest poster boy, Matt Skiba, scorched through various tracks from the band's three full lengths, EPs, and split releases. When a fan tossed a shirt on the stage, Skiba wiped his face with it, and continued to delight his hometown crowd. "Private Eye," "Mr. Chainsaw," Armageddon," "Crawl," were yanked from last year's Vagrant debut From Here To Infirmary, while "Tuck Me In," "Radio," and "Maybe I'll Catch Fire" were resurrected from the album bearing the same name. "Hell Yes" from the Lookout! 7" release, and "Queen Of Pain" featured on the Hot Water Music split from Jade Tree also livened up the set. "Nose Over Tail," and "Cringe" found on Goddammit also added to the ghoulish evening, which was preserved on digital video and will be released in 2003 on Kung Fu films.

Costumes, tricks, treats, and tinitus-causing rock from the most macabre punkers since The Misfits was all this kid needed to settle my sweet tooth. As fans exited the the Cabaret Metro, they were given a one of a kind Alkaline Trio 2-song 7" of Misfits covers on creepy orange vinyl, created especially for this spooky evening.

There is nothing like watching an evening of my favorite songs, played to perfection from one of my favorite bands in my favorite place...which is why I am going back to see the Alkaline Trio one more time tomorrow night with The Donnas for another dose.

"Nose Over Tail"


"I Lied My Face Off"

"Maybe I'll Catch Fire"

"Tuck Me In"



"Hell Yes"

"Private Eye"

"Mr. Chainsaw"



"Queen Of Pain"

(and a few others)

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live - Alkaline Trio Shout At The Devil On Halloween