Diesel Contest - We Have A (Lot) Of Winners

The Tripwire and Diesel are celebrating the launch of Diesel-U-Music by giving away a dope Diesel T-shirt and tote bag filled releases from Arena
Rock Recording Co., Emperor Norton Records, Counterflow Recordings, and Om Records to 20 daily Tripwire readers. Check out the complete list of winners.

Elise Brown

Josh Brown

Tom Butler

Monica Castellanos

Mike DePippa

Brian Eaton

Bill Hanson

Scott Harkey

Adam Harrison

Jessi Hector

Tyler Jacobson

Alan McKinnon

Helina Morgan

Chris Mozena

Howard Petruziello

Anthony Rollo

Sean Salo

Cheryl Sansone

Annie Shapiro

Nick Tangborn

Alison Zero

Source: The Tripwire

Diesel Contest - We Have A (Lot) Of Winners