We Are Science

Meet Dot Allison, pop chameleon. In 1993, when Massive Attack was ascendant, Dot and her One Dove crew made proto trip-hop. In 1999, Allison dropped a solo album that almost out Dido-ed Dido. Now, with electroclash in vogue, what's Dot's plan? Good guess. We Are Science is sparse, cold and mechanical, yet strangely alluring, primarily due to Dot's sultry tones. The title track is evocative of prime-era Donna Summer while initial single ìSubstanceî is an unheard Berlin smash, from a time when Eurobeats and female vox were a strange and new concept. To top it off, "Strung Out" is the chart-topper that the creators of Logan's Run imagined would be popular in 2002. The future is now.

Dot Allison

We Are Science