Welcome To The Jungle: Axl's No Show Prompts Riot, Police Brutality

What would you do if you dropped $80 for a concert ticket, only to be blown off at the last minute? Well, that was the situation at what was supposed to be Guns N' Roses' triumphant North American return last night in Vancouver, and in this instance, things got ugly. Due to a mechanical problem, Axl's flight from LA to Vancouver was delayed and promoters were prompted to cancel the show before the doors were even opened. Large groups of angry fans then began chanting things like, "B-u-l-l-s-h-i-t" and "Fuck Axl, I wanna see Buckethead."

But sadly, the mayhem didn't stop with angry chants. According to MTV News icon Kurt Loder, fans then hoisted the long metal security barriers outside and rammed them through the venue's glass entry doors. They also threw bottles and rocks as well in attempt to feed their appetite for destruction.

About 20 minutes into the madness, the police arrived on the scene and began doing a wicked LAPD senseless beat down impression. According to MTV, those fans who were not quickly dispersed by a face full of pepper spray, were whacked repeatedly by the riot baton wielding Vancouver Police. Even as the crowd began to clear out, police continued to chase and pummel individual stragglers. A spokesperson for the police on the scene described the police action as "a proper use of force." Shit, were those cops watching the Rodney King videotape on the way over to get psyched up or something?

GNR camp says the aborted show will be made up, but urge fans to wear protective head, face, and eye gear, next time around.

Welcome To The Jungle: Axl's No Show Prompts Riot, Police Brutality