The World Is Ours

They have a name that may sound more Seattle than Manchester, but The Rain Band most definitely do not hail from the Emerald City; with their history-of-Manchester sound, they can only be from the Land of United. Blending together a virtual sonic collage from the bands of Manchester past, these up and comers are simultaneously dark, with their Joy Divisionesque basslines, and light, with the jangly pop guitars and scattered rhythms of The Stone Roses or The Charlatans. This is not to imply any accusations of being derivative or being boring, however. "The World Is Ours" sounds fresh and vital, regardless of influence. With a sing along chorus, driving rhythms and a slightly sinister underbelly, it may not be long before The Rain Band etch their own names into the roll call of vital Manchester combos.

The Rain Band
Fierce Panda

The World Is Ours