We Are Your Friends

Simian came together just before the dawn of the new millennium and in just two short years, they have released a critically acclaimed debut album (Chemistry Is What We Are) and successfully re-invented their sound for the follow-up, We Are Your Friends. The swirling, ethereal landscapes and neo-psychadellia of the bandís past effort have been replaced with R&B-influenced base lines, electronic soundscapes and dancy rhythms. In fact, an infatuation with American R&B was the biggest single influence on the band leading up to the creation of We Are Your Friends, though figuring out how to blend it with psych-y English guitar songs was a challenge all in itself. Thankfully, Simian didnít just figure out how to mix and match the two styles, they mastered it, and the result is one of the best pop records of the year, seriously. All there is to do now is shake your ass around a bit and say thank you to your new best friends.


We Are Your Friends