Day Sleeper EP

Longwave was tagged with the ì25 Best New Bands In The Cityî stamp by New York Magazine and Rolling Stone raved ìLongwave make some of New Yorkís most straight ahead rock. Longwave lead the New York charge.î When listening to the remarkable Day Sleeper EP (released by Mark Katesí Boston-based Fenway Recordings), you feel as if Dr. Who locked you inside his time traveling telephone booth and brought you back to the ë80s club scene, when you dressed in black from head to toe, admired The Cure and suffered with The Smiths. Produced by Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev), the gratifying Day Sleeper EP is a classy morsel of ethereal wonder. "Everywhere You Turn", with a boisterous splattering of drums, hazardous echo of bass lines, and singer Steve Schiltzís glowing voice, is a necessity for any club DJ, college or specialty show programmer.

Fenway Recordings

Day Sleeper EP