Whip It On

While stirring up a stereotypical buzz in the record industry, Danish duo The Raveonettesí music is anything but. Blastmasters Sune Rose Wagner (singer/songwriter) and Sharin Foo (bass) crushing sound heard on the single ìAttack Of The Ghost Ridersî, feels much like The Cramps or The Misfits, invoking bloodcurdling lyrics and macabre undertones. Co-founder of Sire Records Richard Gottherer, the groupís biggest fan, says ìWhen I first heard The Raveonettes it took me back to the great days of the punk revolution in New York City. The Raveonettesí swagger and attitude is matched with seedy night clubs, strip joints, and dive bars throughout the worldî...the ones that your mother would never want you to even go close to, the same ones that you know you can never stay away from.

The Raveonettes

Whip It On