Fragile Awareness (Video)

ìFragile Awarenessî,
one of many outstanding tracks heard on The Patternís debut Real Feelness, is a pulsating firecracker, living and breathing off of raging guitars, rattling drums, and singer (Lookout! pres) Chris Applegren's yelping vocals. This vividly animated
video is the directorial debut of graffiti artist OBEY (Shepard Fairey), the man single-handedly responsible for revitalizing the life of the Eighth Wonder of the World Andre The Giant, by making stickers, posters, and shirts for the world to see. Recorded San Francisco's Tiny Telephone Studios with veteran producer Alex Newport (At The Drive-In, Icarus Line, The Mars Volta), Real Feelness from The Pattern is one of best reasons for teenagers to kick their parents' mini-van, tools, and laundry machines out of the garage and turn it into a sound factory.

The Pattern
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Fragile Awareness (Video)