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Strange And Beautiful

The story of Aqualung is a long and winding one. Band leader Matt Hales has had a rough go of it. He started the soon-to-be-buzzing Ruth in 1997, only to have the band implode due to internal bickering. Then, just a short year-and-a-half later, he was in The 45s, which featured on Player .034, only to have the band dropped by their label, Mercury, just as a story started to build. Discontented with the music industry in general, Hales retreated to his home studio and recorded a solo album that has morphed into Aqualung's debut. He was unsigned when he did this, but, as luck would have it, the title track, "Strange And Beautiful", was used in a VW ad in the UK and it all was a whirlwind from there. He named the band Aqualung, inked a deal with B-Unique and is now etching his name and his story permanently into your psyche with his beautifully haunting songsmithery.


Strange And Beautiful