Live - The French Kicks Unleash Their Musical Karate

Playing the drums and handling lead vocal duties is not only physically challenging, but it's normally near impossible to pull off stylistically. Fans want their favorite band's frontman to jump around and be wild, and that's tough to do while sitting on your ass. Somehow though, The French Kicks' Nick Stumph not only pulls it off, he excels. With his lanky physique, moppy hair and quirky dance moves, it doesn't much matter that he doubles as the band's timekeeper. Nick held the Kicks together flawlessly, and the rest of the band rallied behind him with crisp backing vocals and tight instrumentation.

Seeing The French Kicks live gave their album a whole new personality for me. It became clear why they have such a great reputation as a live band around their hometown of NYC. Running through most of their StarTime debut, One Time Bells, The French Kicks enticed the indie rock kids at the Metro and, by the time it was over, had them yelling for more. "Wrong Side," "Down Now," and the band's first single, "Close To Modern" were crowd pleasers and my new favorite tracks on One Time Bells. Keep your eyes open for these guys. They are on their way back home to NYC and are making a few stops along the way. Check out the itinerary below.

The French Kicks Tour Dates:

11.22.02 ñ Detroit, MI (Magic Stick)

12.03.02 ñ Richmond, VA (Alley Katz, w/ Denali)

12.04.02 ñ Fredericksburg, VA (Mary Washington College, w/ Denali)

12.06.02 ñ Bennington, VT (Bennington College, w/ Denali)

12.07.02 ñ Cambridge, MA (Middle East Downstairs, w/ Denali)

12.08.02 ñ Philadelphia, PA (First Unitarian Church, w/ Denali)

12.12.02 ñ Washington, DC (Balck Cat, w/ Denali)

12.13.02 ñ Hoboken, NJ (Maxwells, w/ Northern State)

12.14.02 ñ Brooklyn, NY (Southpaw, w/ The Natural History)

Live - The French Kicks Unleash Their Musical Karate