Live - Wow Mom, The Dismemberment Plan

I don't think it's possible for the Dismemberment
Plan to have a bad show. They have been touring -
nonstop since the album Change was released last
year. These four boys from DC are all about fun. The live set is always crazy. They always take requests (and play most of them) - never preparing a
set list. They dance up the slower songs and speed up the
already fast freak out songs. While on their current tour, they've had some time to write some new tunes and they previewed three of them at this show. All three were faster and dancier than a lot of the stuff on Change and more reminiscent of The Dismemberment Plan Get's Rich!, released as a split
with Juno two years ago.

Change made them sound a bit more adult, but I
think the next album will find the Plan back in their
crazy college days, acting monogamous to no one single

Set list:

"What Do You Want Me To Say?"

"Do The Standing Still"

"Follow Through"

"Time Bomb"

* new song

"The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich!"

"The Face Of The Earth"

"You Are Invited"

* new song

"Come Home"

"Secret Curse"

"The City"

* new song - "Change"

"The Ice Of Boston"


"Back & Forth"

"Birthday / Outro"

"With Covers Of"

Spoon's "Fitted Shirt" with "Rockin' Robin" thrown in...

"I Love A Magician"

"Onward Fat Girl"

Source: Bob Ladewig

Live - Wow Mom, The Dismemberment Plan