Gadjits Move Closer to Rockís Crown

RCA Records has swept up The Gadjits from the Chicago based punk label THICK Records. After months of negotiating, RCA A&R rep, Dave Bendeth, has
brought the Kansas City rock and soul revival known commonly as The Gadjits
on to the RCA roster along with The Strokes, Cave In, and the King himself, Mr. Elvis Presley. The affair started after Bendeth caught The Gadjits at a SXSW/THICK Records showcase last March.

Currently, the band is in Master Control Studios in Los Angeles, which
immediately follows a string of sold out West Coast dates with The Burning
Brides and The Anniversary. The Gadjits are recording songs for an EP due out in Early 2003 with Gilby Clarke of Guns ëNí Roses fame producing. "This is totally weird" said a star struck Adam Phillips, drummer for The Gadjits. "We are rehearsing in between Danzig and Guns ëNí Roses". Welcome to the
jungle, Gadjits.

Source: Billy Spunke (THICK Records)

Gadjits Move Closer to Rockís Crown