Spun Is A Hectic, Mind-Twisting Ride

Spun rules. This is the best movie I have seen in a long time... I am left with the similar feelings I had after seeing Trainspotting and Requiem For A Dream, the kind of movies that you buy on DVD because you feel you've just got to own them in the best form possible and yet the subject matter is so twisted and fucked up and depressing that you can't believe you want to watch them more than once, but you can't help it because they're just that damn good!

The flick begins with a crash course introduction of the main characters, you're then tossed through their lives and batted around and entertained (imagine a mouse inside of one of those plastic rolly-balls being chased by a cat on catnip), then everyone is broken down and dispersed, and ends with a lullaby when the world goes to sleep and concludes. The end.

That's the simplified version. You have to throw in three days of sleeplessness while hopped up on crystal meth and imagine being tied to a bed naked with tape on your eyes and mouth and the CD in the stereo is skipping and its loud as hell and at least you're not living in a motel with your drug dealing cowboy boyfriend who enjoys ordering up girls from dial-a-slut and flirting with those two nasty girls working at the liquor store who would bang anyone and that poor pimple faced kid lives in a trailer and watch where you're pointing that gun you drugged out freak (the movie is just as hectic and frazzled as that sentence)! And what the hell are you wearing!? Spider! What the hell are you wearing!?

With raw, crisp cinematography, every detail was noticed and pointed out and shoved in your face and big and bright with every pore and granule in sharp focus. Each character was developed and exaggerated and stretched just enough to feel like they were a real person with feelings, and yet only a hollow caricature of a person at the same time.

I don't feel the need to list the actors and actresses who did such a phenomenal job on this movie. You can go to the website to get the list of who's who yourself.

Yes my friends, this is the movie that I've already seen for free and I'm looking forward to paying to see it again in the movie theater. All I need to say is that Spun is the visual and mental kiss on the cheek followed by a smack on the back of the head that will leave you smiling. And we all like to smile.

Source: Megan Blackburn

Spun Is A Hectic, Mind-Twisting Ride