Chat And Business

Ikara Colt once spat "All groups should be shot after five years," and to prove they mean business, the band took their name from two types of guns. Ikara Colt express a raw passion for rock music, a distinct dislike of UK pop, and cool mod rock hair cuts with skinny, tightly knotted ties. Their music is stripped-down and frantic, with the band's bad attitudes shining through on every note. For a band who have been together for less than a year, they seem to possess a level of cynicism and angst that, for most acts, usually takes half a decade to develop. Chat And Business is an intense rock & roll assault that is dripping with a level of pissy-ness only possible to attain by attending a high-brow London art school. Previously available as an import only on Fantastic Plastic, the bandís debut album was picked up and just released by the good folks at Epitaph. Fans of B.R.M.C. and The Strokes will love squeezing Ikara Colt's punk rock trigger.

Ikara Colt

Chat And Business