Billboard Beauty

"The flesh will be stuffed into the dress, even if it doesn't fit," spits Kinesis frontman Michael Bromley on "Billboard Beauty," the band's debut for Independiente Records. The quartet from Bolton (outside Manchester) have been bubbling under in the UK for the past year, with love shown from Steve Lamacq and his Radio 1 program, as well as tours with My Vitriol and Hundred Reasons and now it's time for the youngsters to step out from behind the shadows of the bands they have toured with and taste the sunshine of public adoration on their own and "Billboard Beauty" is quite a start. A just-under-three-minute blast of exploding guitars and vitriolic lyrics, their Independiente debut brings to mind bits of the Pixies, At The Drive In, Ash and, strangely, one time tour mates Hell Is For Heroes' prior incarnation, Symposium. However, unlike that fellow band of teenagers, we can only hope and assume that Kinesis, with their obvious knack for a tune and their mantle of the new Manic Street Preachers, due to their political nature, have much loftier goals within reach.


Billboard Beauty