Live - Foo Fighters Invade Dublin, Kick Asses One By One

The Foo Fighters have been regular visitors to Dublin over
the years, playing festivals and the odd headliner in
various "intimate" venues, and, as such, tonight's
6,000-strong sell-out crowd in The Point seemed almost like
a homecoming, marking the Foo's biggest ever show in

Support band Cave In are on the tour by decree of Grohl, who
counts himself as their biggest fan. They have yet to make a
name for themselves this side of the pond but went some
ways to doing so with a tight, energetic set that got the
crowd warmed up, though only to a point.
Finishing their set with Led Zeppelin's "Dazed and
Confused" (in its entirety), the old rockers were thrilled
but left the generation, weaned on nu-metal, a little - well,
dazed and confused.

Keeping the crowd toasty before the Foos arrived was a
further selection of behemoth rock that included Black
Sabbath and Judas Priest (influences that Grohl would be
the first to admit to) and just the right vibe to set as
the house lights dipped and the first chunky bars of "All
My Life" rumbled out from behind the curtain. As the
opening strains exploded into the song proper, the curtain
dropped and it was clear that this was going to be a gig to
remember. The frantic energy of the new album's opener was
matched by Grohl and cohorts Nate Mendel, Chris
Schiflett, and Taylor Hawkins. Grohl was clearly the
focal point, dominating the stage both physically and
musically with a voice that, though not graceful, was full
of emotion as it moved between whisper, growl and scream.

Grohl may be a rocker who loves pop music, but it's pure
showbiz that runs through his veins. Standing before a
famously hard-to-enthuse Irish crowd (and the man was born
for the stage), Grohl lurched effortlessly from the opener
into the perfectly-judged "My Hero", by which time, the
assembled throng were hanging on his every gesture.

As the set progressed, old favourites such as "Generator",
"Learn to Fly" and "The One" were dispensed with aplomb,
but it was the material from the new album that gave the
show a energy that was impossible to deny. At one point,
Grohl yelled, "This stuff's still so new, we're not bored
with it yet", and you could tell he really meant it, grinning like a demented child who's just got a very noisy
toy for Christmas. "Low", "Times Like These" and the
exquisite "Tired" were nothing less than spine-tingling,
massive bursts of energy that easily transcended any
shortcomings the studio versions may (or may not) have.

After the classic "Everlong", Grohl delivered the first
"Thank-you, goodnight" of the evening, and after a show
that intense and well-paced, the crowd weren't sure they
were going to get any more. But to hell with indie
sensibilities, Mr. Showbiz Grohl knows the value of the
"encore" cliche. More was expected (a five-minute wait
only added to the bristling atmosphere) and more did
come, with Grohl first bringing things down for the
quietest moment of the night with a solo rendition of "Burn
Away", before the rest of the band returned to burst 12,000
eardrums with the metal monster "Enough Space" from The
Colour And The Shape

Thank God that good old rock & roll is returning to take
over the planet and thank the Foo Fighters for leading the

Source: John Lane

Live - Foo Fighters Invade Dublin, Kick Asses One By One