Radiohead Winding Down Work On New Record

Everyone's favorite Britpop gone sadcore geniuses Radiohead are a good portion through completing their sixth studio album. Guitarist Ed O' Brien has told London's XFM that four weeks of production have already been completed on the record, a record that frontman Thom Yorke had already said would contain no computers. Then again, these are the same people that led us to believe that Kid A was going to be experimental, while Amnesiac was going to be a rocker. Hmmm. Pitchforkmedia and band fansite are listing a theoretical tracklisting, culling together all the new songs that were dropped on fans during Radiohead's summer tour. You can find all the new songs below, some which will most likely end up on the album, while some may find homes as b-sides to UK singles. The album is expected to hit shelves in March of next year.

Songs that could appear on Radiohead's upcoming album:


"The Punch Up at the Wedding"



"Keep the Wolf from the Door"

"Up on the Ladder"


"There There"

"Sit Down, Stand Up"

"Where I End and You Begin"

"Follow Me Around"

"Wicked Child"

"I Will"

"Bring on the New Blood"

"Sail to the Moon"

"Go to Sleep"

"We Suck Young Blood"

Radiohead Winding Down Work On New Record