Rising from the ashes of the remnants of the mystical, magical Kula Shaker, one wonders if, with a name like The Jeevas, it's more of the same all over again. Never fear, ye who are tired of Indian mysticism in your rock & roll: The Jeevas may have an Indian-influenced name, but this band is much more concentrated on straight-forward Western-style guitar wiggery. Lone Kula holdout, frontman Crispian Mills leads this band of merry men and 1-2-3-4 finds the trio far from the Deep Purple-leanings of the 'Shaker and more into a world blending early Pink Floyd with Big Star. "Virginia" is a jangly and slightly psychedelic place and one where handclaps live peacefully amongst harmonies. "Ghost" takes it down a notch, melding equal influence Tom Petty and Teenage Fanclub while "Scary Parents" is a '70s rock boogie with that distinctive Mills vocal texture. The Jeevas may have escaped the Eastern stylings of Kula Shaker but the place they reside in now is a place where guitars still rev and tunes are in abundance.

The Jeevas
Cowboy Musik