Ryan Adams Lays Into Jack White In Rock Star War Of Words

What good is rock & roll if people aren't getting into wars of words? Next up: Ryan Adams and Jack White. It seems that Adams covered some White Stripes songs live but altered the lyrical content and evidently White was annoyed about the changes. However, that seems rather trivial when compared to the scathing reply Adams responded with. In an interview with NME Adams fired off a series of caustic remarks.

"Did little girl White talk back? I don't have a problem with him - he started it. But what's he doing on the Internet seeing what's being said saying 'I see you changed my lyrics'. Fucking ponce," Adams spat. It hardly stopped there, however.

The ex-Whiskeytown frontman added, "Good luck to him in Romania. It's supposed to be freezing. He must be hating it. You know they asked me if I wanted that (Cold Mountain) movie role and I turned it down. (Director) Anthony Minghella asked me first. I was up for the part first and I turned it down because we were touring anyway." Then the man who gets all bent out of shape when people scream "Summer Of '69!" at his concerts continued with his diatribe thusly: "They said 'Well you can come to Romania and we'll pay you anyway and you can have three or four lines and you get to play a banjo made out of a pumpkin.' I'm like 'fuck you man'. I make that money in two gigs. It's three fucking lines. Three lines in a two-and-a-half hour film. I'd rather get a gun and blow my eyeball out." That sounds nice and professional. Almost as professional as the capper:

"I mean, shit - I get to shop at 40 or 50 more stores for clothes than that guy does. Think of the limitations. Just buy him a gallon of red paint. I don't fucking get it. Whatever..." Wow. I'm sure this is not the last we've heard of this, so stay tuned.

Ryan Adams Lays Into Jack White In Rock Star War Of Words