Electro Nouveau

Picking amongst the finest bands who like early '80s breakdancing beats, own Casio keyboards and dress to kill, Moonshine Music drops their tribute to the electroclash movement, Electro Nouveau. This 2CD set is jam-packed with computer beats, icy cool vocals and attitude ahoy. A number of the kingpins of the genre are in the mix, including Ladytron, Felix da Housecat, recent Fader stars Mount Sims and Chicks On Speed. Scottish electro-poppers Bis even chime in with two separate offerings. The best track, perhaps, is offered up by Berliners (why is it the Germans are always all about the starkness of electro?) Goldenboy with Miss Kittin, the inherently groovy and even more creepy "Rippin Kittin," with the line "Mommy, can I go out and kill tonight, I feel, I feel like taking a life." Alrighty then. Guess all electroclashers aren't in it for it the clothes. Some may be serial killers in sheep's clothing.

Various Artists
Moonshine Music

Electro Nouveau