Ester Drang Ink With Jade Tree

Oklahoma-based sonic maestros Ester Drang have inked a deal with Jade Tree Records. The band will release their sophomore effort and Jade Tree debut, Infinite Keys, on April 1, 2003. The album is an atmospheric, cinematically inspired outing, reminiscent of Spiritualized, Grandaddy, and Oklahoma music scene trailblazers, The Flaming Lips. Work on Infinite Keys is currently underway at Echo Labs with mixing at Soma by Chris Colbert (Neutral Milk Hotel, Elf Power). According to the band's official website, Ester Drang will tour heavily is support of Infinite Keys next spring. We'll let you know as soon as those dates are announced.

Infinite Keys Track Listing:

01. "Temple Mount"

02. "Dead Man's Point Of View"

03. "Oceans Of View"

04. "If They Only New"

05. "All The Birds Live In My Attic"

06. "No One Could Ever Take Your Face"

07. "The Greatest Thing"

08. "All The Feeling"

09. "One Hundred Times"

10. "I Don't Want To Live (In A World Of Infinite Keys)"

MP3: "Repeating The Procedure"

Ester Drang Ink With Jade Tree