Power In Numbers

These guys are tight. Hip-hop isnít a staple on The Tripwire, but when we get a hold of something as universally appealing and so obviously superior to 99% of urban music today, we just canít help but spread the good word. The Jurassic 5 actually consists of six members, four MCs and two DJs (I said 4 MCs and 2 DJs, uh uh), but whoís counting. Their throw back style and good-time feel make them one of the few crews who are true to their art form (think Q-Tip, The Roots, or OutKast). The first single, ìWhatís Golden?,î is catchy, fun, refreshingly unique, and all over the tube these days. Power In Numbers takes the Jurassic 5 to the next level and has placed the group at the forefront of hip-hopís creative revolution. Dig it.

Jurassic 5

Power In Numbers