Letter To The Editor: In Response To Your Rolling Stones Piece

In response to this quote from Friday's The Rolling Stones: I Suddenly Hate Them And Here's Why "Öconsidering that the average income in the struggling nation is a mere $154 a month, The Stones are apparently expecting the Serbian people to go without food, clothes, and shelter for a few months in order to get a glimpse at their 800-year-old rock star asses."

Over the weekend, Lenny LaSalandra (Interscope Records) wrote:

While $154 may be the "average" salary, I'm sure there are rich people in Serbia just like there are rich people here. As you said, the only people in the US who are paying the high ticket prices for a Stones concert are the people who can afford them and that's probably how it is in Serbia, too. right?

Some other Tripwire users wanted to voice their opinion as well:

David Wallace (RED Ink)

I'm not rich, but I paid $150 to see Paul McCartney. I can't think of a better way to spend that amount of money. That man and his (old) band brought so much joy to my life over the years and to see and hear those songs played live by a fucking real life Beatle and a band that gave a shit brought tears to my eyes. It was incredible. My guess is that for the citizens of Serbia who were never afforded the opportunity to see The Stones in their heyday, a similar experience would be in store. Mick and Keith will make 50,000 Serbians weep with joy and they'll be psyched that they spent the $50.

Guilherme Marcel (punknet.com)

Lenny LaSalandra is writing "some bullshits" Ok, there are rich people in Serbia, but how many of these rich people are fans of The Rolling Stones??? And the poor fans?? So, the show is just for the elite?? It's wrong!

I live in Brazil, and here we have a lot of rich people but a lot of poor people too... And I remember when The Rolling Stones played here, the show was bigger and crowdedÖ but it's because the ticket price was not very high.

The Rolling Stones should have more respect for their fans!
They are a great band, but they already have hundreds of millions of dollars.
Why not accept low ticket prices only in the Serbia and in poor countries. I think it's just.

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Source: The Tripwire

Letter To The Editor: In Response To Your Rolling Stones Piece