Mel Gibson Returns As Mad Max-Beyond The Retirement Home

Future geeks everywhere are salivating on their metal body armor that they made from old garbage cans and their father’s tools. Daily Variety reports that Mel Gibson will reprise his role as Mad Max in the fourth installment of the franchise in Furry Road. What kind of intellectual snob would one have to be to NOT be anxious about this news? Gibson will reportedly receive a $25 million dollar paycheck for portraying the loveable Max (who is just a lil’ bit mad) in the post-apocalyptic tale, which will be directed by the original Mad Max director and co-writer George Miller. Twentieth Century Fox will begin shooting the film in Australia next May with a budget of $104 million dollars. Can’t we just prevent this horrible mistake from being made, and donate the money to help cure cancer?

Source: Jason Anfinsen

POSTED December 10, 2002 12:00AM IN THE TRIPWIRE




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