Wilco EP Due Early Next Year

Rumors of a new Wilco EP have been going around the last few weeks and, if Rolling Stone is to be trusted, it seems that those rumors were right on target. The online arm of the magazine is reporting that Wilco will release a six-song EP early next year that will include two tracks from the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot sessions, the tour staple "Bob Dylan's 49th Beard," and three new songs. The previously unreleased new songs, "Handshake Drugs," "Woodgrain," and "More Like The Moon," were recorded over the past few months and could possibly make it onto the follow-up to the amazing Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (currently #5 in our year end best of poll).

Wilco has a few hours of material already recorded for their next full length and, following their tour of Australia and Japan early next year, the band will be returning to the studio to finish things up.

In other Wilco news, The DVD release of Sam Jones' I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, which was initially scheduled for December, will now stay locked away until February 18.

Wilco EP tracklisting:

ìKameraî (alternate take)

ìHandshake Drugsî


ìA Magazine Called Sunsetî

ìBob Dylan's 49th Beardî

ìMore Like the Moonî

Wilco EP Due Early Next Year