When You Sleep

You know the feeling: you get a single, listen a few times, it doesn't grab you, but for whatever reason you keep listening or go back to it in order to give it a chance. We call it "a grower." And that's exactly what "Only When You Sleep" by Longview is. Their debut single for 4:45 Recordings, "Further," was a windswept epic love song and may have molded my expectations for their follow up, which is definitely much more rocking. However, my repeated listen has now brought me everlasting joy, as this track is a hook-laden affair. Frontman Rob McVey's breathy delivery and the driving guitars bring to mind the psychedelia of the early '90s shoegaze scene and a certain band of that scene in general, Revolver. With two excellent singles under their belts, Manchester's Longview are assuredly a beacon of hope for 2003.

4:45 Recordings/EastWest

When You Sleep