Ted Leo, The Washdown, The Pattern Lead Lookout! Compilation

Lookout! Records will drop the third installment of their annual Freakout compilation series on January 14. Entitled Lookout! Freakout Episode 3, the album collects music from 2002/2003 Lookout! and Panic Button releases, including songs from The Washdown, Ted Leo, The Pattern, The Mr. T Experience, Bratmobile, and more. The release will also include new and/or rare tracks from The Smuggles, The Pattern (with Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba on backing vocals), The Oranges Band, Ted Leo (live track), and the last song ever recorded by American Steel, who broke up last spring. Best of all, the album sells for a mere $3.25 plus shipping (or $4 in stores), so buy one.

Lookout! Freakout Episode 3:

01. "Worst Dressed Up In Class" - The Washdown

02. "I'm in the Band" - Bratmobile

03. "Speakers Push The Air" - Pretty Girls Make Graves

04. "Fragile Awareness" - The Pattern

05. "My Street" - The Oranges Band

06. "Eighteen" - Yesterday's Kids

07. "The Land of the Giant Birds" - The Cost

08. "4am" - The Enemies

09. "Yield and Survive" - One Time Angels

10. "Psycho Over You" - The Queers

11. "The True Heart of Love" - Ben Weasel

12. "My Stupid Life" - The Mr. T Experience

13. "Window Shopping" - Moral Crux

14. "We Must do Something Now" - Complete Disorder

15. "Larry Where are You" - The Smugglers*

16. "Cross Your Heart" - CommuniquÈ

17. "Ladies Speaking Out" - The Pattern*

18. "All That Money (You'll Get Over It)" - The Oranges Band*

19. "More Like a Dream" - American Steel*

20. "Timorous Me" - Ted Leo+

* Previously Unreleased

+ Live

Ted Leo, The Washdown, The Pattern Lead Lookout! Compilation