New Run-DMC Hits Package Features New Remixes

Rap greats Run-DMC are readying another greatest hits collection, at least in the UK. The 20-track masterpiece includes all the usual suspects - "Walk This Way," "It's Tricky," "Run's House," and "My Adidas" - but also includes two new remixes, one of which is the Jacknife Lee (whose bootleg mix of Eminem's "Cleaning Out My Closet" you may have heard on a radio station near you) remix of "It's Tricky." The second remix is as of yet undecided and it's surprising that Jason Nevins' floorfilling mix of "It's Like That" didn't make the cut, but, regardless, if it's smash hits you want, it's smash hits you're getting. This dope-ass, currently nameless compilation is due out in March and if this joint gets a Stateside release, we'll let you know...

Run-DMC great hits package tracklisting as it stands now:

"Itís Like That"

"Walk This Way"

"Sucker MCës"


"King Of Rock"

"Itës Tricky"

"Can You Rock It Like This"

"You Be Illin'"

"Rock Box"

"Runís House"

"Peter Piper"

"My Adidas"

"Beats To The Rhyme"

"Jam Master Jay"

"Hard Times"

"Down With The King"

"Mary Mary"


"Itës Tricky - Jacknife Lee Remix"

One more unconfirmed remix

New Run-DMC Hits Package Features New Remixes