Ghost Recon (XBOX)

I've been a fan of the Tom Clancy game series since his Rogue Spear dropped on the now-defunct Dreamcast game system some years back, and I've been waiting for an XBOX version ever since. Years later, the long-awaited day finally came in the form of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon and my dorky ass has spent hours a day in front of my TV ever since. The game's amazing graphics, wide array of real-life weaponry, intense missions, and super-smart AI-driven teammates and enemies make the game an intoxicating must have. There are no "power-ups," "invisibility shields," or any of that other space alien fighting shit here, friends. This game is a simulation of real-life, squad-based, battlefield combat, so don't go crying home to mommy when your ass gets taken out by an enemy grenade in the first five minutes of a mission. The game's multi-player setting allows for two player cooperative or adversarial play, allowing you and a friend to team up against enemy forces or face off against one another in an epic struggle for the Friday night bar tab or the 1:00am pizza delivery. Ghost Recon is also compatible with XBOX Live and supports up to 16 system links, which means you can test your combat skills against gamers from across the world 24 hours a day (as long as you've got high speed internet access and a subscription to XBOX Live). Fans of the first-person shooter beware; this game could easily put your career and/or any other life ambitions in jeopardy. Seriously, just check out this trailer.

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Ubi Soft/Red Storm

Ghost Recon (XBOX)