Best Of The Clash In Stores March 11

A 40-track, 2CD compilation of the best The Clash had to offer is on its way to a record store near you. Wait, wait. Before you start screaming about capitalizing on the early passing of Clash frontman Joe Strummer, rampant capitalism taking precedence over common decency, hear this: Strummer picked the tracklisting himself. It seems that the band leader and Epic Records were putting this compilation together before the sad events of last month. As stated earlier, Essential Clash will have 40 of the band's hits, including "Train In Vain," "London Calling," and "I Fought The Law," digitally remastered with liner notes from Pat Gilbert. The set will be available from March 11.

Disc 1:

"Complete Control"

"London's Burning"


"Clash City Rockers"

"I'm So Bored With the USA"

Career Opportunities"

"(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais"

"Capital Radio One"

"White Riot"

"Police & Thieves"

"Janie Jones"

"I Fought the Law"

"English Civil War"

"Tommy Gun"

"Safe European Home"

"Guns on the Roof"

"Drug Stabbing Time"

"Stay Free"

"Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad"

"Wrong 'Em Boyo"

Disc 2:


"Guns of Brixton"

"London Calling"

"Train in Vain"

"Lost in the Supermarket"

"Brand New Cadillac"

"Rudie Can't Fail"

"Police On My Back"

"The Magnificent Seven"

"This Is Radio Clash"

"Stop the World"



"Somebody Got Murdered"

"The Call Up"

"Know Your Rights"

"Rock the Casbah"

"Straight to Hell"

"Should I Stay or Should I Go"

"This Is England"

Best Of The Clash In Stores March 11