The Fader/HBO/Levi's Making Waves At Sundance

The Fader Magazine and Cornerstone Promotion are teaming up with Levi's
Type1 Jeans to help celebrate HBO's 2003 Sundance Film Festival Selections.
The festivities go down on Wednesday, January 22, at Harry O's on Main Street in
Park City, Utah. Those lucky enough to attend will be treated to intimate
performances by none other than pop-impresario/folk chameleon Beck and
former Noise Addict member Ben Lee. The sets won't be your typical
Hollywood-party-type three-song sets, but full-on shows to get the Salma
Hayeks and Lisa Kudrows some real entertainment. The evening will be
punctuated by DJ sets from Z-Trip, "everyone's favorite DJ," whose
unpredictable blend of pop, alternative rock, hip-hop and esoterica will be
complimented by NYC DJ Greg Poole's own dance floor shaking selections. Sundance Film Festival officially starts today and continues through January 26.

Source: The Tripwire

The Fader/HBO/Levi's Making Waves At Sundance