Burners Rejoice! Spiritualized Rarities CD Heading For Stores

If there doesn't seem to be enough music to listen to when you're rockin' it 420-stylee, you're in luck. Blissed out dream-gospel act Spiritualized are in the midst of compiling a hits and rarities set. The 2CD set, called The Complete Works, Part 1 includes material from the pre-Spiritualized Spaceman 3 era up to music recorded for the Pure Phase album of 1995. Part 2 will follow later this year and is expected to encapsulate the space from their breakthrough 1997 album Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space to the present. No date is set for Part 2 but expect to find the first edition on shelves in March via Arista.

Disc 1:

"Anyway That You Want Me"

"Step Into The Breeze" (Part 1)

"Feel So Sad" (7" single version)

"Feel So Sad" (Rhapsodies)

"Feel So Sad" (Glides and Chimes)

"Run" (single version)

"Luminescence" (Stay With Me)

"I Want You" (Feel So Sad 7" B-side version)

"Effervescent" (Chimes)

"Why Don't You Smile Now"


Disc 2:

"100 Bars" (Acapella)

"I Want You" (Run B-side version)

"You Know It's True" (instrumental)

"Medication" (taken from Medication EP)

"Smiles" (Medication promotional single version)

"Angel Sigh" (taken from Medication EP)

"Feel So Sad" (taken from Medication EP)

"Good Dope/ Good Fun" (taken from Greenpeace 7" single)

"Lay Back In The Sun" (Electric Mainline EP version)

"Good Times" (Electric Mainline EP version)

"Electric Mainline" (Part 1)

"Electric Mainline" (Part 2)

"100 Bars" (Flash Back)

Burners Rejoice! Spiritualized Rarities CD Heading For Stores