Transplants To Play With Foo Fighters

Transplants have finished filming two videos over two days ("DJ DJ" and "Diamonds And Guns") from their barbaric self-titled debut album. The scathing punk rock whirlwind of "Diamonds and Guns" has been added 81 commercial radio stations across the country, as the desire for exciting new thug-fueled anthems is high. Fans in Los Angeles will be able to drum up a circle pit on April 17 and 18, when Tim Armstrong, Travis Barker, and Rob Aston open for Foo Fighters at the Universal Amphitheater. More shows will be announced shortly, but if you are in the area, and feel a need to catch wreck to some reggae-influenced ruffneck rock, then check out these shows!

04.17.03 - Los Angeles, CA (Universal Amphitheater)

04.18.03 - Los Angeles, CA (Universal Amphitheater)

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Transplants To Play With Foo Fighters