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Sting Added To Super Bowl Halftime Festivities

It's Super Bowl weekend everyone!! Stock up on chips, pretzels, beer, strippers (oopsÖ I mean friends) and get ready to watch some really good commercials and some mildly-entertaining (if you're highly intoxicated) live performances (No Doubt, Shania Twain, Dixie Chicks, Celine Dion) - with a bit of football tossed in for good measure. With the other major networks targeting the halftime show as their best chance to steal viewers away from ABC, producers of the event have recruited the one and only Sting to perform during the traditionally lame halftime segment. Will the tantric sex master be enough to stave off the channel surfers? Well, not me (I'll be watching the SNL special on NBC), but we shall see what happens with the rest of America.

Sting Added To Super Bowl Halftime Festivities