Other People's Songs

Pretty interesting concept, this. You take an famed heritage electro-pop act and give them 12 pop songs to cover. What do you get? Other People's Songs by Erasure. The synth-loving duo of Andy Bell and Vince Clarke have recorded their first new album in three years and it's a doozy. Great pop songs from the past have been taken, chopped up and rearranged in their own original Erasure style. Amongst the tracks rejigged in that special manner are ones from Buddy Holly, The Righteous Brothers and Peter Gabriel. Perhaps the two best renditions, however, are their take on Elvis' pop classic, "Can't Help Falling In Love" and the cybertastic "Video Killed The Radio Star" by MTV virginslayers The Buggles. The majority of the songs on Other People's Songs are well known, and that's the point. It's the mere enjoyment of Erasure's molding and tweaking of these timeless songs that make this album such a good listen.


Other People's Songs