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Liz Phair's Happy Tragic Things Due In May

Early '90s alternative stalwart Liz Phair is returning to the fray and it seems that she has broadened her scope. In discussing her new album, Happy Tragic Thing, her first in five years, Phair told Rolling Stone, "My voice is so much better because I'm not as self-conscious as I used to be. Somewhere along the way I got rid of a lot of my fear about singing, and I've really been working hard on developing my voice." Not only that, but her new album features production from The Matrix, the pop crew who previously worked with Nick Carter and Avril Lavigne. Three of the new songs were first played out at a Sundance Film Festival party this past weekend and the rest of us can find out if she's morphed from sexually obsessed modern rock staple to smoothed out pop sensation on May 20 when her Capitol-released album is released.

Liz Phair's Happy Tragic Things Due In May