Piano Creeps

Remember Madder Rose, the early '90s shoegazy NYC indie band? Well, their two songwriters, frontwoman Mary Larson and guitarist Billy CotÈ, who embarked on solo efforts as Saint Low and Jazz Cannon, respectively, are now joining forces again and pushing their way to the music buyers' consciousness again with their new piece of work, Piano Creeps. This isn't necessarily the same headspace their former act resided in with songs like "Beautiful John" or "Swim," however. In 2003, the duo are further afield, sounded like a sonic melange of many varied influences, including the Bristol sound of Portishead and Massive Attack paired with the psychedelic soundscapes of Verve or Spiritualized, with a few shakes of Air or later-era Radiohead for good measure.. The majority of the album is instrumental, but don't let that scare you away: there is plenty of song quality to go around without the need for vocals. The haunting strings, plaintive piano echoes and (mostly) subdued percussion speak loudly enough on their own.

Mary Lorson & Bill CotÈ
The First Time Records

Piano Creeps