The White Stripes Let Elephant Tracklisting Loose

The fourth full length from the Motor City wife/husband, brother/sister, singer/drummer duo The White Stripes, Elephant, will be released on April 15 on V2. The unofficial "major label sophomore slump" release features fourteen tracks recorded at Toe Rag studios in London for less than $10,000, and using only equipment dated before 1963. Punk. Pitchfork Media informed us that we can expect Meg to belt out a track, a Burt Bacharach cover might appear, and a long awaited fresh dose of the insatiable blues-fueled, scuzzball rock that Detroitís finest pair have perfected will continue to paint the walls of the rock & roll world red...with White Stripes.

The White Stripes' Elephant tracklisting:

"Seven Nation Army "

"Black Math"

"There's No Home For You Here "

"I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself "

"Cold, Cold Night "

"I Want To Be The Boy "

"You've Got Her In Your Pocket "

"Ball And Biscuit "

"The Hardest Button To Button "

"Little Acorns "

"Hyptnotize "

"The Air Near My Fingers "

"Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine "

"It's True That We Love One Another"

Source: Jason Anfinsen

The White Stripes Let Elephant Tracklisting Loose