Zero 7 Drop Remix Album, Hard At Work On Sophomore Effort

British electronic pop-soul collective Zero 7 dropped an enhanced remix CD of their critically acclaimed debut album, Simple Things, last week. Entitled simply Simple Things Remixes, the album contains remixes by Roni Size, Photek, Madlib, and more, as well as an enhanced CD version of the "Destiny" video. With the release of Remixes, Zero 7 principals Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker are now hard at work on the group's next album. Scheduled for release this spring on Quango/Palm, the highly anticipated follow-up to Simple Things will once again feature the powerhouse triad of soulful, passionate vocalists, Sophie Barker, Sia Furler, and Mozez.

Zero 7 has created a state-of-the-art new video for their second single, "In The Waiting Line," that uses cutting edge 3D graphics to create a stunning visual representation of the song. Look for it to surface on the Tripwire daily email soon.

Simple Things Remixes Track Listing:

1. "Distractions" (Bugz In The Attic Remix)

2. "In The Waiting Line" (Dorfmeister Con Madrid De Los Austrias Dub)

3. "Destiny" (Photek Remix)

4. "Distractions" (Madlib's YNQ Remix)

5. "End Theme" (Roni Size's Tear It Up Remix)

6. "Destiny" Video

Zero 7 Drop Remix Album, Hard At Work On Sophomore Effort