Eels Follow Souljacker With Shootenanny!

Eclectic alt-rocker E (a.k.a. Mark Oliver Everett) will release the fifth Eels album, entitled Shootenanny!, via DreamWorks Records on June 3. The LA-based band (really just a backdrop for frontman E's extensive and eclectic musical output) last ventured into the marketplace in September of 2001 with the commercially decent, but critically acclaimed album Souljacker. Details surrounding the release of Shootenanny! were posted on Eels official website over the weekend. Check out the track listing.

Shootenanny! Track Listing:

"All In A Day's Work"

"Saturday Morning"

"The Good Old Days"

"Love Of The Loveless"

"Dirty Girl"


"Rock Hard Times"

"Restraining Order Blues"

"Lone Wolf"

"Wrong About Bobby"

"Numbered Days"

"Fashion Awards"

"Somebody Loves You"

Eels Follow Souljacker With Shootenanny!