Alkaline Trio's Good Mourning Track Listing Surfaces

Alkaline Trio will release their fourth studio album, Good Mourning, on May 13 via Vagrant Records. The 12-song demonchild was recorded at the legendary Studio #3 in Los Angeles, the birthplace of The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds treasure. Produced by Joe McGrath (Blink 182, RL Burnside) and co-produced/mixed by Jerry Finn, Good Mourning is sure to be filled with another poisonous dose of devilish punk songs about drinking, heartbreak, with a fiendishly pleasant tinge of the dark side. Singer Matt Skiba said, "The original punk stuff like The Damned and Ramones had a huge influence on this record, they've always been our faves but it intentionally comes through this time." Listen for guest screaming from Circle Jerks Keith Morris, and pick up the new OIL compilation on Thick Records to hear the new Alkaline Trio song ìOld School Reasons.î

Good Mourning Tracklisting:

This Could Be Love

We've Had Enough (with Keith Morris)

Every Thug Needs a Lady


All On Black


Fatally Yours

100 Stories

Blue Carolina

Donner Party (All Night)

If We Never Go Inside

Blue In The Face

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Alkaline Trio's Good Mourning Track Listing Surfaces